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ISP Network Engineer – Brisbane

  • Permanent role
  • Brisbane 
  • ISP company

The Role


Provide network support to support and build capacity for future growth.
  • Good customer service
  • Excellent network performance
  • Assist with planning, quality and reporting requirements
  • Ensure maintenance and improvement of OTT service performance standards (voice, broadband, PERS)
  • Level 3 technical support
  • Order provisioning support
  • Assist in maintenance and development relating to 24/7 NOC capability
  • Monitor, diagnose and restore network outages and other activities
  • Perform other tasks such as installations and helpdesk escalations as required
  • Network development and optimisation
  • On call and after hours technical support


Required Skills
  • Relevant degree or industry experience
  • Experience in NOC, Linux servers, Juniper MX, SRX routers, NMS, Out of Band Management system
  • Experience in VoIP, Radius and LNS/BRAS
  • Experience with Linux servers, IP networks, DSL, DOCSIS and FTTH networks, DSLAMs, DSL CPE, DOCSIS headend, amplifiers, splitters and DOCSIS CPE, FTTH headend and CPE
  • Experience with microwave networks
  • Experience in telecommunication industry specifically in broadband and IP network operations
  • Knowledge of BGP, MPLS, DHCP, PPP, L2TP and OSPF
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced work environment


Please send your CV in Word format to cvs@synergyplacements.com.au.

Janet Streczynski | 0428 444 776
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